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      10 Awesome Facts About SuperBottoms UNO
  1. Nope. Not an overclaim. Really.
  2. You can increase absorbency too! Just add the Booster Pads or soakers.
  3. Keep those precious li’l bummies dry!
  4. So what will you do with the money you would save?
  5. Yes, washing UNO is easy peasy just like your regular garments!
  6. Most disposable diapers go to the landfill with human waste in it. This human waste stays inside the diaper for years and also ends up contaminating the ground waters. A big no no!
  7. Superbottoms are made with a lot of love and with world class workmanship to last 300+ washes in just 16 diapers. Surprisingly awesome, isn’t it?
  8. Cloth is the best! Well, in our case 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.
  9. You will not be able stop admiring your baby’s chic bum.
  10. When it comes to your baby’s comfort, choose UNO that stands for quality. You’ll not regret it, pinky promise!


Hi Yohini,
We are glad to see you enjoy our products.
Please be informed about the Newborn UNO being functional for 4-5 hours when used with the booster pad.
The performance you see seems good.
We request you to please get in touch with us at 7499025345 – on call or WhatsApp and we will be happy to help you. We assure you our best support to get you aboard. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Team SuperBottoms


Hi Bhavya,
We are delighted to know about your experiences with us.
Happy cloth diapering <3

Team SuperBottoms.


Hi Yasmeen,
We have so many parents here vouching for the quality of our diapers.
Each diaper can be used for 2-3 yrs at least and even for next baby if washed and maintained well.
Our soakers are made of GOTS certified organic cotton which is the best fabric
Team SuperBottoms.


I want to use it but it’s too costly

Yasmeen khan

Super and comfortable that’s cloth Name is super Bottom, my baby wearing is happy and looking beautiful, my mom also happy bcos washing is easy and required small time

Bhavya A V Bhavya

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