Swaddling – A Traditional Childcare Practice

Swaddling is one of the oldest and easiest ways of calming an infant as it mimics the warmth of a womb, making the transition from womb to the outside world easier on the little ones.

Babies are born with Moro reflex, also known as the startle reflex. It is a neurological response that causes a newborn to feel as though they are free falling. Babies experience this all the time within the first 3 to 4 months of life. Although it is very normal and a sign of a healthy baby, this reflex can disturb a baby's sleep quite often. Swaddling helps prevent those spontaneous movements and reduces the effect of the Moro reflex, allowing for a much more relaxed & uninterrupted sleep for your little baby.

Recent studies have found that infants are quieter, sleep more, and have lower and more stable heart rates when swaddled. Swaddling regulates the body temperature, helps give relief in colic, and reduces SIDS risk as it keeps the babies in the supine position.

All in all, it is safe to say that a swaddled baby is a happy baby. Our ancestors knew this, so swaddling has been quite an essential part of newborn care for generations in our culture.

The earliest memory we all have of seeing a newborn must most probably be of a little face peeking through a swaddled bundle.

Old cotton sarees of moms and grand moms in the family were always kept aside to be cut into squares and used as swaddles, towels, wraps, and whatnot for the next baby that would arrive.

Then with the passing time, the way we dress changed. As an effect, many of us did not get those soft, broken-in, cotton sarees to swaddle our babies in.

But what if we said it is still possible to swaddle your babies in soft Mulmul cloth, with a bonus of them looking just like our grandma's sarees.

Yes, SuperBottoms has introduced beautiful Mulmul swaddles, which are extremely soft, square pieces of cloth, available in beautiful traditional Indian prints and earthly colors, just as loving as a grandma's snuggles.

Not just that, these swaddles are not in any pre-stitched shapes, which makes it possible to be used as wraps, blankets, towels, nursing cover, stroller cover, and more, as the baby grows.

So it’s time to try out the revolutionary Mulmul Swaddles from SuperBottoms, because the snuggle is real!

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