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Activity variation for different ages

Isn't it amazing how the same activity can help kids at different age groups develop different skills! And for kids to be able to have fun and grow, while learning - it doesn’t necessarily require a whole lot of structured activities. The more you let them be, and just equip them with the right material, the better it is for their growth. 

The Summer Box o' Fun is a great way of keeping your child engaged, no matter what age they are at. Here are some variations of activities you can choose from, depending on your baby's skill level and age.

Reusable box with Snakes & Ladders and Ludo

These games are fun for every age, whether it is a child or a grown-up. The following skills can be practiced & mastered with this activity

  • ▪ Hand-eye coordination skills by practicing scissor skills while cutting the    board games off the package.
  • ▪ Forward counting & backward counting
  • ▪ Number recognition
  • ▪ Addition & subtraction 

DIY Puppet Box

 DIY Puppet Box

These cute-looking DIY puppet boxes, available in different animal themes, are great for keeping your kids engaged & encourage skill-building. With these boxes, kids can learn

  • ▪ Storytelling & narration skills
  • ▪ Imagination
  • ▪ Pretend play
  • ▪ Communication skills

Puzzle and Activity sheets from Curious Bees

Puzzle and Activity sheets from Curious Bees

These activity sheets are so versatile that you can make a different variation of activities & kids of all ages can enjoy them. Depending on the age of your child, they can 

  • ▪ Identify & point at objects in the sheet
  • ▪ Answer simple Where, What, Which, etc. answers from the objects & images in the sheet
  • ▪ Ask questions by giving them two options as the answer, let them answer in words, sentences according to their age.
  • ▪ Move to complex activities for older kids – find the difference, ask Why and other critical thinking questions, etc. 

Organic paint and crayons from Dabble Playart

Organic paint and crayons from Dabble Playart

Non-toxic, child-safe, washable paints & crayons for kids are an amazing way of developing their free play curiosity, imagination, and love for art! With these paints, kids can

  • ▪ Create finger painting masterpieces on a canvas, chart paper, or piece of paper. 
  • ▪ Paint the bathroom tiles before bath time for some fun with colors.
  • ▪ Practice hand-eye coordination & grip skills.
  • ▪ Make hand & foot art, art with earbuds, vegetable stamping art, etc. 

Happy Vibes Doodle Sheet from Toiing

 Happy Vibes Doodle Sheet from Toiing

Well, who doesn't like freestyle doodling? Learn making shapes, freestyle drawing, tracing dots, practice writing alphabets & numbers, making art using the colorful doodling sheets & safe to use a wooden stick. 

Letting the kids be themselves can only help them grow and develop into the best version of themselves. So get your little ones the Summer Box o’ Fun where playing and learning comes together for some #FunInTheSun!


Hi Lovepreet,
We are extremely sorry the Summer Fun O Box was a limited edition product and we shall surely let you know once they get back in stock.
Team SuperBottoms.


I want to purchase this Box o’ fun. I cant see an option to place an order. can you help please.

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