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Splash Away With SuperBottoms Reusable Swim Diapers

So you’re headed to the beach or the pool with your family, suntan lotion in your bag, inflatable pool floats nicely blown up, shades perched perkily over your head hairband style… some tasty snacks hidden away in your backpack for that famished little tummy after a swim… All you need now is a swim diaper for the little one and you’re good to go!

We know what you’re thinking… Does a swim diaper even exist? When immersed in water, the diaper gets soaking wet anyway, so is there even a point to wearing a swim diaper? Why not just regular swimwear for a baby or toddler?! Aren’t disposables easier? Where to buy? With all the options available. Where do I even begin the search?

We’re here to give you the low-down on all you need to know for your mommy-toddler swim date at the pool.

Yes, swim diapers exist, but what are they really expected to do? Since diapers are designed to be super absorbent, you might expect that your baby’s diaper may start just soaking up the entire pool as soon as the baby is in it, right?! Wrong! Reusable swim diapers are diaper shells worn without the inserts. The swim diaper isn’t meant to absorb pee but to trap and hold solids. Have you ever wondered what happens when someone pees in a pool? Well, this question has been around since swimming pools. To answer the age-old question, nothing happens. The chlorine takes care of that for us. Besides, when you play in the sea, do you ever give a thought to all the creatures that live in it, and all that ‘unfiltered water’? In a swimming pool, a filter and the chlorine takes care of that for us.

Worn right, swim diapers are to be worn-just the waterproof outer- without absorbent inserts. Just the Outer, with a pretty snug fit, and your little one is swim-ready!

Are you wondering yet, why not just use a swimsuit or swim trunks?

Well, if your baby or toddler is not completely and 100% toilet ready, are you brave enough to risk contaminating or shutting down an entire swimming pool with a disgusting floatie!? I guessed not! A swim diaper is a diaper shell worn without the absorbent inserts and is not meant to hold in pee, but definitely traps in poop. Since sometimes, small babies have runnier poop than we like, you have to make sure the diaper is put on snug enough to hold in solids… and maybe sometimes semi-runny solids. Do you reckon regular swimsuits or trunks can do this?  Highly unlikely.

Why not just disposable swim diapers for the pool?

Here are plenty of reasons why…

Disposables, meant for single-use aren’t sturdy enough to efficiently do the job for you, and there’s always the risk of the wet nylon and polyester starting to sag after a while in the pool, not to mention- it could get itchy and sticky as well. The glue that holds the tabs together on the diaper could give way and start to come off in the water. With reusables that are made of natural and comfortable materials and good trusty snap buttons, it’s exactly the comfortable swimwear that you want for your precious bub. While you’re out for a swim, or at a pool, you don’t want to keep looking over your shoulder to check how the diaper is holding up. You and your little one want to have yourselves some good old worry-free quality time.

If you already use cloth diapers, you don’t need to shop for a different product when you’re headed to the pool. A regular cloth diaper shell, worn correctly, would suffice.

And of course, using reusable cloth swim diapers is easier on the pocket, and on the planet too!

So where does one even begin to search for such a diaper?

Well, look no further. SuperBottoms has just the thing for you.

All our diaper shells, made of natural materials, when sized and fitted correctly, would be the perfect diaper for a baby’s fun day at the pool. Choose from among all of our gorgeously designed prints and your little one is pool-ready in a jiffy! Once done, all you need to do is change out of the swim diaper into a clean dry cloth diaper. Don’t forget the inserts this time! Pop that swim diaper right into your wet bag, and you can head home!

Need we say more?

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