Rashes in babies – What causes them?

It is the most heart-breaking thing for a parent to see their child in pain or crying. And rashes are something which, believe it or not, every child experiences at least once in their initial years. It doesn't matter if the child is exclusively cloth diapered, wears disposable diapers, a combination of both, or NO diaper at all. And why just kids, even we as adults, experience rashes time and again. It is essential to understand what causes them in the case of babies so that we can minimize the occurrence of them in our little ones as much as we possibly can.

Bacterial & Viral Rashes – One of the most common types of rash in young babies is the one caused by bacterial or viral infections. These rashes would not necessarily appear on just private parts of the baby, but anywhere on the baby. These are usually accompanied by fever, body pain, and sluggishness in babies. It is important to treat the root cause and see a doctor for bacterial or viral rashes. Once the infection subsides, the rash will disappear on its own.

Food Allergies – Rashes caused due to food allergies in babies are not limited to just the diaper area. They can spread all over the body, depending on the severity of the allergy. But during the teething phase, some kids experience minor allergies when given sour food that can cause rashes around their privates and bums.

Body Heat & Friction Rash – Tight clothes, ill-fitted diapers, loose clothing near joints can cause friction in the body and result in body rashes. It is important to wear breathable and perfectly fitted clothes, especially during summers. If the baby wears a diaper, it is important to get a fit check and ensure that the fit won't cause discomfort or rashes to the baby's delicate bum and privates.

Sensitive Skin – A child's skin is any which ways sensitive. But some kids have over-sensitive skin. Applying anything harsh or even gentle personal care or baby products can result in a rash. Sometimes even certain detergents used for washing kids' clothes or synthetic fabrics can cause these sensitivities. It is crucial in such a case to identify a pattern and report it to the doctor so that the sensitivity can be determined and alternate products or methods can be thought of.

Diaper Rash – There are several reasons for a child to experience a diaper rash. The harsh chemicals that are not meant to touch a baby's skin present in disposable diapers are common reasons. And diaper rashes are not specific to just disposable diapers. Even babies exclusively cloth diapered can experience a rash for reasons such as

  • If the diapers are not correctly washed and traces of detergent are left in the diaper.
  • If the diapers are moist when the babies wear them, or the top sheet remains moist after the baby pees.
  • If the baby poops and the diaper is not changed in time.

It is vital to change the baby's diaper timely. A proper wash cycle and drying of cloth diapers play an important role in ensuring the diaper's durability, the absorbency of the inserts, and avoiding any rashes and skin irritation for babies.


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Babies have gentle and complex skin that’s vulnerable to rashes and infections. The diaper that your baby wears also can cause irritation and might end in diaper dermatitis. Albeit if you habit cloth nappies for your baby, diaper dermatitis may be a common phenomenon. However, diaper dermatitis is mild in nature, and upholding good hygiene can easily look out of it.
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