Do you get tired of the scorching sun and the warm winds in summers? Then think of your baby, who also must deal with the extreme temperature and the ruthless nature during summers. And we try out everything from the fabric of the clothes they wear to the foods & fluids they consume to make sure our little one stays cool & comfortable. But have you ever thought if that applies to the nappies and diapers that we make our kids wear? Try out cool Superbottoms Cloth Nappy!

Babies come with soft skin and are very sensitive to excess cold or heat. When put into plastic disposable diapers, it can make your child uncomfortable and may lead to skin infections. So let your little angel enjoy the summer by gifting them with Superbottoms summer cloth diapers or cloth nappy.

Wondering how cloth nappies are better than the standard diapers available in the market?

The cloth diaper brands have come up with diapers & nappies which are immensely friendly to the baby’s skin and make life comfortable for him/ her.


How? Let us find out.

Cloth Nappy is More Breathable

This nappy is all cloth and hence is definitely more breathable. The cloth nappy & diapers usually have outer laminated fabric which is also truly unique and is breathable. So it lets air pass through but not water. Cloth nappy comes in a variety of options making them skin-friendly. Disposable diapers due to their plastic nature can be uncomfortable to babies.

Trim Fit Cloth Nappy

Cotton diapers are not only waterproof but also trim. This means the cotton diapers are trim fit and not too heavy for the babies; making the cotton diapers comfortable and a perfect match for the scorching hot summers. Cloth diapers perfectly set to the baby’s body. These advanced diapers come with tabs and snaps to make the diapers fit just like any other clothing on your baby’s body. These are a perfect snug fit to the child and he/ she does not feel the burden of constantly carrying something throughout the day. The soft dry fabric also is comfortable to the child.

Admirable Nappy Designs

Summer cloth diapers not only make your baby comfortable but also happy. These cloth diapers are desi in style, and come in attractive colors and are truly cute to look at. Dress up your babies with these beautiful diapers and make them look super adorable!

A lot of parents now do away with the lowers, just to show off these super cute advanced cloth diapers. Less clothes mean more comfort for your babies in summer and less laundry for you.

Semi Waterproof

The TPU layer around the crotch makes the nappy semi-water-proof. As a result, it can easily hold up to one pee without making any mess around or making your baby feel uncomfortable.

Better in Summers

Cloth diapers are always preferable on sunny days. As we grown-ups prefer cloth over plastic in summer, the same is applicable for baby’s skin.

Durable & Economical

Cloth diapering is also more economical and durable than the other types of diapers available in the market. These are made from the finest fabric and expert workmanship is involved in making these the best in the market. The elastic of the nappies is not too tight for the child but flexible and long lasting as well. These come with thick lamination for better elasticity; which is as thick as 2 mm.

While a parent may spend anywhere between 30-40 thousand on disposable diapers, cloth diapering can be done in 10 thousand odd Rupees for a child. Therefore, cloth nappies are super savers!

Environment Friendly

Last but not the least; cloth diapers are not only a better option for your child but for the whole earth as well. Firstly, these cloth diapers are reusable and secondly, being made from cloth these can be easily recycled. Hence along with providing comfort to your child you are also securing his/ her future by taking care of Mother Nature.

Diapers have become an indispensable part of modern baby-life and premium cloth diaper brands try to give the babies a relaxing and happy infancy with their products.


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