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11 Must Try Activity For Nursery Class Kids

According to one of the most famous scientists, play is the highest form of research, and hands-on activities are the base of learning in nursery class.

Many schools have now introduced numerous activity for nursery class as opposed to pattern learning. 

The reason is learning aptitude of each kid is different, and activities allow them to explore different areas of interest, which results in nurturing long-term retention.

That's why we have written down some of the unique activities for kindergarten kids as well.

How Activities Help Nursery kids

Do one thing, provide some clay to your child and then notice them creating different things with the clay. It could be a rod or an irregular shape.

Structured or Unstructured play, there is an ocean of learning waiting for your children, mainly for the kids of age 6.

These formative years become necessary footsteps for the future learning of your kids and also the quality of their life.

So, let's try and make this a learning experience for your nursery kids at home with this list of activities we have provided in this article.

We have created several activities for nursery class to help you in deciding what fits best for your kid.

11 Activity for nursery class kids

In this list, we have introduced the activity for nursery class and kindergarten as well so that you can get the kindergarten activities ideas, now, let's look at them one by one.

  1. 1. Tracing shapes

Tracing shapes is the first activity on the list of activity for nursery class. It is because, in the tracing shapes activity, your kid will be using different household items to draw shapes. For example, to create a rectangle, a pencil box will be required, and a circle for a cup. 

You can provide different household objects to your child for creating different shapes. Also, encourage your little kid to finger-paint.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ shape recognition
  2. ▪ imagination
  1. 2. Sort and make patterns

In this activity, as a parent, you need to cut out some shapes of different colours and mix them together. Ask your child to first differentiate the colour and then the shapes. This is a kind of fun activity for kindergarten kids. 

Skills explored

  1. ▪ colour and shape recognition
  1. 3. Connects the dots

Let's twist this connect the dots activity. You can use a sketch pen of 3 different colours and make the equal-spaced dots. Ask your child to connect the dots by matching colours. 

Your kid can use a writing tool and finger paint.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ logical reasoning
  2. ▪ colour recognition
  1. 4. Sort the letters

Well before talking about this activity, I want to tell you that this is my favourite activity on the list of activity for nursery class. Let's look at a rainbow language adventure. Draw the rainbow on the sheet of paper. Now write letters and use the colour of the rainbows. Now your task is to ask your child first to identify the colours of the rainbow and sort and place the letters by colour. If your child is unable to identify the letter, then help them match by the colours.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ colour recognition
  2. ▪ letter recognition
  1. 5. Trace along

Draw different types of lines like straight, zig-zag- properly spaced on a sheet of paper. Give yarns of different colours and glue to your child. Encourage them to stick to the lines. As per your child's age, you can give different patterns and shapes to them.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ concentration
  2. ▪ Pre-writing
  1. 6. Hand and feet painting

In this activity, there will be lots of use of paints and as a result, your children will make themself dirty and may be put colour on their shirt, so you need first to buy some of the best clothing for outdoor activities like apparel. Now once you have bought it give some paints and paper to your child and do not stop them from making prints using their hands and feet.

Once it is dry, they can create characters with their prints.

It could be a footprinted rabbit.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ imagination
  2. ▪ creativity
  1. 7. Make your music

How about using claps, utensils, box filled with dals to create different sounds? Use or stamp your feet to add some more music to this. Encourage your child and let them make the sound they want to play. You can instruct them to be soft, loud, and stop. This is one of the best hands-on activities for kindergarten.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ listening
  2. ▪ creativity
  1. 8. Collage time

Collect all the different materials at your home that your kid can use to create a collage. For example, leaves, newspaper cuttings, pieces of cloth etc. Sit with your child and help them in creating a collage on a sheet of paper.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ coordination
  2. ▪ creativity
  1. 9. No fire cooking 

This is one of the unique activity for nursery class kids. 

There is some recipe which is easy to make, like salads sandwiched. You can choose the ingredients, and along with your child, you can make something yummy but don't forget to wear the apparel to your child and yourself; otherwise, you both will get dirty while making something yummy.

Now let your child explore the texture of different ingredients and be careful with the chillies and spices. Also, for precautions, wear your kid and yourself apparel. 

If you don't have one, then buy one before this activity.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ sensory
  1. 10. Yoga

Now is the time to do some stretching, and yoga is best for it. Just do some simple asanas with your child. Do not pace and let them do at their pace.

This is one of the best physical activity for nursery class kids.

Skills explored

  1. ▪ coordination
  2. ▪ observation
  1. 11. Fingerprint numbers

Now dip your finger in paint and fill numbers with colours. Write only one number at a time. According to your child's age, you can include the number they are learning to recognise and remember. 

Skills explored 

  1. ▪ number identification

Conclusion Of Activity for Nursery Class

Learning based on activities goes a long way in reinforcing every day for kids (1).

Through these activities, kids explore through independent exploration and structured play. These activities help them to learn and understand complex concepts in a simpler manner.

For example, when they stamp using a finger-print, then it helps them to gain an understanding of numbers and their patterns. 

In this article, you have got the idea of the activity for nursery class or kindergarten class; now you can pick any activity which you think will be good for your kid. 

Let your child do the activity and learn at the same time.

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