Bleaching cloth diapers are generally considered to be a big no-no.  However Bleaching cloth diapers at the right time, for a right cause and in a right way will do no harm to your cloth diapers. This blog covers everything you need to know about Bleaching.

What is Bleaching?


Bleaching is a process of disinfecting cloth diapers when all the other methods fail (Hot water rinses, Sun-drying etc)


When do I Bleach my Cloth Diapers?


You can bleach your cloth diapers once a year or so if it gives the following issues –

  1. Ammonia Build Up – If you have been facing strong ammonia smell on your soakers, you can first try hot water rinses. If that doesn’t work, you may bleach them.
  2. Yeast Infection – If your baby has recently had a yeast infection or a UTI, it is ideal to disinfect cloth diapers before using them again.
  3. Molds – A lot of times you may experience black spots on your diapers and soakers. These are called as molds. They occur if the diaper is left damp/wet or unwashed for longer hours. In such cases, you may want to bleach cloth diapers.


clorox bleach india

Which Bleach can I use?

It is vital to choose the right bleach for bleaching cloth diapers. You may choose Clorox

Liquid (buy link) (Non-scented ones) to bleach. If it is difficult to source Clorox, you may use Rin Ala.





how to bleach cloth diapers

Step 1 :

Wash your Diapers using the normal wash routine. Do note- you should only bleach after the diapers are washed thoroughly. NEVER

put dirty diapers directly for bleach

Step 2 :

Take cold water in a bucket. Add 5 Ml of Clorox bleach for EACH Litre of water. (If you are using Rin Ala, follow the quantity mentioned in the bottle).

Dilute the bleach in the water well by stirring using a spatula or a mug.

Please be careful using hands since bleach will irritate the skin.

Step 3 :

Add diapers one by one.

Separate the diapers and snappable insert to be sunk completely in the water.

Keep it for a minimum of 30 minutes and not more than 45 minutes. No need to add the diaper shells unless the baby has had yeast or if the shells have molds

Step 4 :

Take out the Diapers and rinse in hot water once before putting them in the machine.

Step 5 :

Add the Diapers in the machine, run a 30 minutes hot wash (40-degree minimum and not beyond 60 degrees) once without detergent and again once with detergent.

Step 5 :

Make sure the bleach is completely washed out. Smell the diapers- If you feel it has bleach smell -do a hot wash once more with/ without little detergent till the smell is gone.

Step 6:

Line dry for drying, ideally in sun



If you have hard water please add a water softener in all the washes

Please, PM us or Whatsapp us to know the amount of  water softener to be used.


Additional Tip : Do not bleach the diapers in hard water. Chlorine can react with the iron that has dissolved in your hard water and cause stains (source).

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