A-Z Myths on Cloth Diapering – Busted

A-Z Myths on Cloth Diapering – Busted

A mother is judged for every single choice that she makes for her baby. People will judge you, whether you breastfeed or formula feed the baby, whether the baby is chubby or lean, fair or dark, whether you use coconut oil or olive oil, whether you start solids early or late, and similarly, whether you choose to use Cloth diapers or Disposable diapers. This list is never ending. I am sure most of the mothers will agree with me here.

When it comes to Diapering, especially cloth diapering, you may have heard a few concerns about diaper bulkiness or breathability. (I am sure we mothers know it well that all humans including babies breathe from their nose with the help of something called as respiratory system. The obviously don’t breathe with their bum 🙂

Jokes apart, Cloth Diapering is not a new concept. It has been used in a number of traditional ways since ancient times when Disposable diapers didn’t exist at all. Number of absorbent layers of cloth were tied with the help of a safety pin on the baby which would do the job of absorbing. Modern Cloth Diapers however are a new concept, especially in India. In other countries, there are numerous parents who have been using Modern Cloth Diapers since a long time. So, here are few Myths that we would bust in this blog.

Myth#1: Cloth diapers are old fashioned and they leak:

Yes, our grandmas did use cloth on us because those days disposables diapers weren’t really an option. But the concept of cloth diapers has now