When a new baby is born, her / his body is introduced to the natural surrounding. Out from the protective environment of a mother’s womb, it takes time for baby’s skin to become adjusted to the regular environment. During this time, the skin is extremely delicate and needs a lot of care. When it comes to diapering, the challenge is compounded by the even more sensitive skin in the bum area. The fecal matter also changes the skin’s pH balance making it prone to rashes and irritation. Diapering a newborn therefore can be tricky.

While traditionally mothers have always trusted only the softest clothes for the purpose in the form of langots or nappy squares, these days diapers are increasingly chosen for their convenience.

We, of course, believe that advanced cloth diapers are a great option for newborn babies because they provide all the convenience of disposable diapers in the goodness of cloth!

Here is a list of 5 reasons why Superbottoms Newborn UNO diapers are a great diapering choice for new babies –

  1. Super soft Minky shell and Velcro closures:

Superbottoms Newborn UNO diapers are extremely comfortable, since they come with a super-soft minky diaper shell, which is perfect for your precious little one.  They can be put on your baby with minimum effort, as they don’t contain snap buttons. They are fastened on with Velcro instead, to make frequent diaper changes quick and easy!

  1. Lasts longer hours:
    New babies often mean sleepless nights, but with Superbottoms Newborn UNO diaper, that isn’t always the case. With our additional booster soaker pad, this diaper can last up to 7 hours at night, giving you and baby some uninterrupted sleep. From that point of view, Newborn UNO diapers make the ideal newborn diapering option.
  2. Dry Feel: Dryer bum, lesser rashes!
    The soakers that come with Superbottoms Newborn UNO diapers have a unique fabric layer that imparts the baby’s bum with dry-feel.
    This special layer stays in contact with the baby’s bum and passes the urine to the layers below while keeping itself completely dry!
    Dryer bum, less rashes!


Double leak-guards

  1. Elastics keep the runny poops within
    We at Superbottoms understand that newborn breastfed baby’s poo is runny. Poop blowouts are only too well-known and of course super messy. With thigh elastics, Superbottoms Newborn UNO diapers provide great protection from poop blowouts containing the messes within.
  2. Adjustable: Great fit for a super comfort
    Superbottoms Newborn UNO diapers come with 4 size options in 1 single diaper.
    So it can comfortably fit your baby right from birth till about 3-4 months

And one more benefit being that they come in the cutest prints and look super adorable on the tiny little bum! So go ahead and cloth diaper your new born baby. We assure you, you will fall in love with them 🙂
For any doubts about cloth diapering, we are always only a phone call / message away at 9819313426

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