Tips for Cloth Diapering in Rainy Season


Rains are beautiful. We Indians wait eagerly for the rainy season to arrive. That beautiful fragrance of the mud, the lovely view of greenery everywhere is truly a delightful sight. We can never get enough of it. But with great rains, comes great responsibility. With dampness everywhere, drying cloth diapers and other clothes seem to be an endless task. We fear the rains and cloth diapering in rainy season. But it’s not as difficult as it looks like.

Here are some great tips to use cloth diapers successfully during the rains:

Tip 1: Use the right cloth diapers: Pockets and cover diapers come with regular microfiber soakers. They dry in no time. Using them for day time and using all in ones for night time helps.

Tip 2: Have a decent stash: Have enough number of diapers according to your needs and keeping in mind the wash routine. Consider having a bigger stash of cover and pocket diapers with some extra diaper inserts.

Tip 3: Change frequently: During winter and rainy season, babies tend to pee more than usual. Changing frequently is an excellent idea as well as more hygienic. This is why we recommend having a decent stash.

Tip 4: Skin care:  Skin care is not really a tedious task when you are using cloth diapers. Wipe the baby’s bottoms with a moist cloth and pat dry. Apply coconut oil before putting on a fresh diaper. There is absolutely no need to use rash creams or talcum powder. Coconut oil is the best moisturiser for babies.

Tip 5: Wash the diapers everyday: Try not to wait for alternate days to wash cloth diapers if you do not have a sufficient stash. Washing them every day is better for the durability of diapers, especially during the rains and so that you have enough for the next day. Washing cloth diapers in a washing machine is also better than hand washing them because machine wash gives a good agitation to cloth diaper and the diaper inserts

Tip 6: Drying tips: Spin dry the diaper inserts as well as the diapers. Line dry them once done. Keep it under the fan overnight and tadaa…see the magic next day J

Tip 7: Use homemade flats and suede sleeves: The most economical way to use cloth diapers with a limited stash is to use homemade flats. You can make them by cutting cotton saree or old cotton t-shirts into huge squares, pad fold them and stuff them inside suede sleeves. Use this with cover diapers and see how easy it is. Flats, covers and suede sleeves also dry fastest as compared to any other diaper or diaper inserts. Suede sleeves are tiny pillow cover like thing which is made of suede fabric. This fabric is known to keep the baby’s bottoms dry even after being peed on. You can stuff homemade flats or any other non stay dry soaker and use it with cover to get absolute dryness.

So that’s all, isn’t cloth diapering in rainy season easier than what we promised before we began this blog?

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