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NEW TRIM Superbottoms Plus all in one (AIO) for heavy absorbency (RimZim)


Superbottoms is India’s 1st Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) , USA tested & Compliant cloth diaper brand. 

Superbottoms plus with in built 8 layers of bamboo cotton absorbency is great for heavy wetting babies.

What makes Superbottoms plus even better is the option of detachable soakers so you can have 3 levels of absorbency

1. With the attached soaker

2. Attaching an additional soaker with a snap

3. Placing hemp booster soaker or any other soaker in the additional back pocket

This pack contains one Superbottoms plus with attached soaker with suede dry – feel, and 1 additional organic bamboo cotton soaker – attachable with a snap.

The new TRIM FIT Superbottoms Plus is the trimmest AIO diaper which fits beautifully snug on babies.

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