3 Most Popular Types of Cloth Diapers


Cloth diapers are excellent choice of replacement to disposable diapers. They do the job of disposable diapers but in a much better way. These diapers are completely washable and reusable. A new parent is bound to get confused with the numerous types of cloth diapers. Hence, this blog talks about the top 3 most common types of cloth diapers which are easiest to use.

They come in two sizes: The new born size diapers that fit babies from 2.5kgs to 4-5 (sometimes even 7kgs) and the one size diapers which fit babies from 5kgs to 17kgs.

So the 3 main types of Cloth Diapers are:

Pocket diapers:

  • The pocket style diapers are the most popular style of cloth diapers and don’t require any additional covers
  • A pocket style diaper has a pocket opening between the outer waterproof shell (or cover) and the inner layer that touches baby’s skin
  • You can place the absorbent insert (soaker) inside this pocket opening. The pocket diapers usually have suede lining on top which keeps the baby’s bottoms dry overall
  • A pocket diaper comes with one microfiber soaker. The advantage of pocket diapers is that it keeps the baby dry overall since it has suede layer on its entire shell
  • Another advantage of them is that one can very well use homemade flats (made of old cotton t-shirts, cotton sarees, dhotis, etc. cut into square)
  • These can be padfolded and stuffed inside the pocket diaper. Use it with a hemp booster and they will surprise you with the amount of absorbency it has
  • Pocket diapers are great for day time use. They last for 2-4 hours depending on how much your baby pees
  • Once used, the cloth diaper soaker must go for a wash. They both are completely machine wash safe

Cover Diapers:

  • Cover diapers are diapers with a waterproof outer shell and removable soakers
  • Cover diapers can be used with dry feel soakers. The soakers have a dry feel layer on top. You can change the soaker and use the same cover
  • They can also be used with the same homemade flats. To add a dry feel, a suede sleeves can be purchased separately
  • Each soaker lasts for about 2-4 hours here as well depending on how much your baby pees
  • Once used, the same cover can be used with a fresh soaker. The shell as well as soaker is washable

All in Ones:

  • All in one type is usually used for medium to heavy wetting babies
  • The all in ones come with a stitched soaker and a detachable one which can be snapped or removed as desired
  • The stitched soaker that touches baby’s bottoms has the dry feel suede layer on top, thus keeping the baby’s bottoms dry.
  • Most all in ones also have a pocket for additional booster. The overall diaper shell also has a dry feel layer
  • They are an excellent night time diapering solution for most medium to heavy wetting babies and are known to last for 8+ hours overnight. One can also use it for day time by removing the detachable booster

Among some Indian Cloth Diaper brands, Superbottoms is one of the most popular and considered as a full proof day time as well as night time diapering solutions. Each Superbottoms Cloth Diaper and soaker is completely washable and reusable. The same one sized diaper can be used from birth till potty training. They are also known to survive 300+ washes!

Superbottoms believes in simplifying cloth diapering for new parents by providing a range of pocket diapers, cover diapers and all in ones.

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