Supersmiles club


#RewardsProgram #SuperSmilesClub We, at Superbottoms, are immensely grateful to have many lovely parents who not only love Superbottoms but also recommend them to their friends. Here’s a program that will definitely spread a smile on your face  **Introducing our very special SuperSmiles Club** What is this program all about? Supersmiles Club is a program wherein you get special privileges for being with us  These Privileges include: 

  1. 5 SuperSmiles (discount) vouchers worth Rs 1000 
  2. Special 50% discount on your child’s birthday on any Superbottoms Plus and Supersling of your choice
  3. 5% straight cashback in the form of SuperSmiles Vouchers (collated every 3 months)
  4. Exclusive Sale / New Launch previews
  5. Referral Smiles Worth Rs 50 / referral
  6. Many other amazing perks and privileges which will be announced from time to time 😉

Sounds exciting! How do I sign up?

Signing up for the program is simple. You need to fill the form below and pay the one time sign up amount of Rs 899.00

How will the program work?

  1. SMILES VOUCHERS: On signing up, you will receive within 24 hours, your set of 5 vouchers, each worth Rs 200 which will be valid for 1 year from the date of signing up. Each of these coupons will be valid on purchases worth Rs 500 or more. Only 1 coupon will be applicable on 1 order.
  2. BIRTHDAY SMILES: One month before your youngest child’s birthday you will receive a discount coupon worth 50% that will be redeemable against a purchase of any Superbottoms Plus and Supersling of your choice. 
  3. CASHBACK SMILES: Every 3 months we will be collating all the orders placed by you and giving you 5% cashback worth the order value (discounted amount) in the form of more SMILES VOUCHERS 
  4. REFERRAL SMILES: Refer a friend to the club and earn 50 SMILES for every referral
  5. OTHER PRIVILEGES: Members of the Supersmiles club will enjoy surprise advantages and benefits that will be announced from time to time

Other key points: 

  1. Superbottoms reserves all rights to the decide on the benefits of SuperSmiles program and in case of any dispute, the say of the Superbottoms team will stand as final
  2. The membership and the SuperSmiles earned are valid for 1 year from the date of signing up. The membership cannot be cancelled / carried over / transferred / shared under any circumstances
  3. You can have only 1 active membership under 1 email id. Your email id is your membership identity
  4. All orders placed AFTER signing up will only be considered while calculating the SuperSmiles
  5. If an order is cancelled or returned for any reason, the voucher used will stand void and will not be reissued
  6. The CASHBACK SMILES and REFERRAL SMILES will be collated every quarter so next collation will be done on September 30th, then December 31st and so on. You will receive vouchers for the amount.
  7. This program will be revised from time to time to make it more awesome and the same will be shared on our Superbottoms Family group. So do join the group if you have not already 

So go ahead sign up now at the special introductory offer valid for only a first few sign-ups! This is really a super duper deal to spread more smiles, parents’, babies’ and also earth’s – Please fill the form below and then make payment by clicking on the button.