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      Very comfy, rash free n funky colourful prints. My baby loves this ecofriendly diaper.

    thumb संयोगिता मिश्रा

      I have been using the Superbottoms new born cover and absolutely love it. The soakers can be used UpTo 4 3 hours easily and the double gusset ensures there is no leaking of the runny ebf poop ever! The soakers also wash easily and dry very quickly. Plus the print is so cute! The hearts looks pretty OTB! Can wait to start using the one size pocket on my baby girl now.

    thumb Mayura Naik

      Super bottoms has the cutest print especially ikkat Its so colour full and vibrant

    thumb Parul Rawat Sushant

      One of the best CDs Nice prints and very trim. Free of Rashes.

    thumb Divya Rajan

      My Long Pending Review! I came to know about cloth diapering when I was expecting my second kid by that time I was potty training my exclusively dipaered(disposable) kid..I immediately loved the idea and started using few brands on him to make a trial for the yet to be born... No looking back from then.. Now I have been exclusively cloth diapering my lo who is 4months now..I should say I have tried almost all the brands..We have used only trim plus aio..The best ever we have in our stash is #The_Superottoms...My mom calls it Night diaper even she is not familiar to the brands and all.. . Pros *Superabsorbent - Lasts 12hrs overnight *Suerdry layer -completely dry after overnight *Supereconomic - Very reasonable pricetag *Superprints - Exclusive Desi prints *Supertrim - The trimmest of our stash *Supercombo - Helps to build stash at low cost *Supersmiles - Tempts to buy more *Supermoms - Very helpful and down to earth!! And what not!!! All thanks to khadeeja Benzeer for recommending Superbottoms...I'm Very much grateful to you!! I've recommended and Will be recommending Superbottoms to my friends!! It is really the #Superbottom We love Superbottoms��

    thumb Sindhu Ja Govardhanan

      Started using superbottoms cloth diaper,its perfect and environment friendly.It matches traditional cotton langots but yet it soaks well and keep baby dry and best part is its washable.Thanks for making eco friendly products.

    thumb Ashwini Rao

      Today my first ever superbottoms delivery arrived. Here is my take on it . It was newborn size cover diaper . It is advertised to be having double leak guards to catch even the runny poo of newborns but it had only single leg gusset. Little disappointed there as I was so looking forward to order a few more based on just this feature. Having said that , I just can get over the print ,Periwinkle , it's so adorable. And quality of snaps , PUL and most importantly the insert is very good . Packaging is attractive gives u a very customised feeling, shipping is quick and prompt . Pls let me know if you manufacture double gussets diapers as said in website , I would love to exchange the product I got. Overall I love the effort an initiative taken up by this company and I would definitely buy more from u guys for the love of Ur prints and creativity and to promote cloth diapering. �

    thumb Akkila Nellore

      The experience with super bottoms, it was awesome. Packaging was really impressive. I really like these cloth diapers and hats off to super bottoms team . I personally like the purple love and ikat Chevron print and its new trimmer version . I m very much proud to be a part of eco-friendly and disposables free world.

    thumb Santhiya Rajendrababu

      I love supperbottoms for they are eco-friendly and good on baby skin. Above all they come up with such quirky and fun prints.

    thumb Rini Jose

      super bottoms are the best for my little baby ..after many endless searches i end up in super bottoms and now i m relax mood and my baby too

    thumb Indu Singh Sharma

      I use cloth nappies anyways in day time and disposable diapers at night. Now, since I have heard a lot....Like really..A lottttttt of positive stuff abt Superbottoms.. m gonna have them replace my cloth nappies as well as disposable diapers!! 😊🤗🤗

    thumb Kriti Gupta

      I initially used disposable diapers as my baby was in nicu. He was used to to it. Which i hated. He is a heavy wetter and so i was confused to use traditional cloth tieing. When i came to know about cloth diapers i was very happy but wasn't satisfied with the brand i was using. Later when i go to know about superbotoms, i was amaed by threethings. 1. Thier package/delivery 2. The AIOs 3.Their continues support to customer.

    thumb Tiny Amma

      I've used all the 3 varieties of diapers from super bottom 1. Pocket diapers: these are the best for day time usage and will be leakproof for 2 hours 2. Cover diapers: these are also best for day time and is leakproof for 3 hours. I use 2 inserts during night and works well for at least 5 hours 3. AIO: These are the best designed diapers I have ever come across. I can use this for the whole night, without having to worry to change it during the night. What I love the most is the cutest prints that makes the bums look awwww. I love Superbottoms for the quirkiest prints ever

    thumb Priyanka Partal

      Not only are superbottoms are a super replacement to disposable diapers, the cute prints makes me go awww each time. Highly recommended.

    thumb Disha Bhandari

      U love the quirky prints and the whole mix of colors on the prints.. They are super soft on my baby's bottom and keeps it away from rashes.. Highly recommended

    thumb Neetal Hitesh Pincha

      Superbottoms is designed in a way to comfort the baby and keep it stylish as well ..With it's vibrant and quirky patterns it wins the heart of mom's as well . Superbottoms is a must try for all the superactive babies

    thumb Krishna Maharana

      So first of all, huge appreciation to superbottoms for coming up with MCD, I am a super mom using this super cloth diaper. prior to experimenting superbottoms, I had already imported few diapers, but now I feel it was not required and I could have owned every diaper of superbottoms at a much more pocket friendly price. Now coming to the product, what I like : They are really soft on bum. Trim and snug fit, no leaks so far. Works best for overnight. Budget friendly. For all my friends who are mom to be, I have always recommended to go with Superbottoms. In fact this is my first choice in MCD. Happy mom enjoying cding journey.

    thumb Divya BalaKrishna

      "SUPERBOTTOMS" The name says it all..!! I never knew these little cloth diapers would be such a boon for my LITTLE ONE, these are the best cloth diapers available here. First of all about the absorbency: they are super absorbent at almost only 3-4 washes before you start using them and the AIOs last 6-8 hours during night time which is great for the baby to get a good nights sleep, SAFE: these small bums are saved from rashes n chemicals of the disposables. To Top them all Superbottoms are the 1st CPSIA Certified brand in India, this gives all the mums an extra sigh of relief... And the cute prints are to die for... I've been extending my stash every month ever since i bought my first pack of AIOs wonderful desi prints i must say.... love them all... WAY TO GO SUPERBOTTOMS ♡♡♡♡♡

    thumb Ananya Chandrashekar

      Every mother wants her baby to be super happy. My baby boy is fussy when comes to wetness.I was very sure from the beginning that i don't want to go for disposables. So i started searching for alternatives ..After many endless searches, i ended up in Superbottoms after that i never turn back. Mom entrepreneurs is running this indian brand . According to me , only a mom can understand the baby best .. So its additional advantage to choose over other brand.After a suggestion from Superbottoms, i ordered newborn diapers.I experimented these on 18 days old baby .It worked amazing for us .My baby slept for long hours peacefully without any irritation and wetness. What else a mother need other than this ??!!. I am so much in love with this brand.I will keep talking when comes to superbottoms - cloth diapering.To make this short , i just listed few important points to help others to know cloth diapering and Superbottoms better. It goes like this 1.Excellent customer support ( they make us feel like a family ). 2. Economic ( i dont buy underwears and bottom wears for my baby:-p) 3. Eco - friendly 4.Chemical free and non-toxic on your baby bum 5. Durability and reusable with easy washing. 6. Super quirky desi print which tells some good night time story for my baby :-p 7.Easy fit a) AIO - 5 star b)Pocket - 4.5 star c) Cover - 4 star ( its super easy once u know the knack to the right fit.. It took some days for me to learn the knack. 8 .Video tutorial for easy understanding ( kudos to Mrs.Dimple for explaining us patiently and perfectly ) 9. Hold poop perfectly in all the case .. Travelling with cd is not a tough one. 10. Value packs and super smiles club are quite helpful to buy more for our baby .. Last but not least , a big salute to the supermoms[ pallavi , nayanthara, dimple , archana , sahana , elina etc.,) who are working for us all the time patiently with broad super smile (.specially in night hours).Sorry if i miss out some super moms here. We ( mommies) all are here to help you out to reach heights. Soon we will make our nation plastics (disposable diapers ) free .You deserve the best.

    thumb Vaishnavi Vaikunth

      I find the whole idea of cloth diapering very interesting But not abe to do it without getting the top cover wet

    thumb Haripriyareddy Challa

      This is what i had my eyes on. Had a lot conversations with them. Tried as many as possible giveaways to win them. But didn't got any. Because of the budget i was not able to get that. So finally i decided to get at-least 1 to satisfy myself. Here is my own, very personal @Supperbottom. And I Am Loving It

    thumb Upasana Goswami Sharma

      Beautiful as useful... also feeling comfortable to wear it...

    thumb Ramyaa Guru

      Superbottoms are just awesome.I now wonder how I was doing without superbottoms for my first kid.Really a must need for infants.

    thumb Sujatha Shetty

      I love these diapers . Best part that I don't even need to use rash cream. First thing which attracted me is that it it made of cloth material which i found very soft.it comes in so many attractive and cute prints so you are having many options to chose. Qno rashesh keep my baby skin healthy I cannot stop myself by ordering more......!!!!!!!! Thank you superbottoms

    thumb Neha Vaibhav Goel

      I got my purple love superbottoms cover during my LO's first month. She s 4.5 months now and I used it at the last snap set till last week� I am feeling bad that i said good bye for the lovable cover but happy in the aspect that the time has come to start my new trim AIO journey with compooper� I am a full satisfied customer of new born cover and i have recommended it to the fellow moms many times� Below are the awesomatic pros that i feel after using g the cover. 1. Double gusset- Not even a single time during my 3.5 months usage , i faced leakage on accidental poops� 2. Soft pul : I was initially bit hesitant to use covers on my new born as i thought it would be sensitive on her but to my surprise it was soft on her skin and she loved it. 3. Vibrant print : We in our family loves the purple love print a lot and during her initial days it's the CD which we mostly wear when we go out as it matches most of her t-shirts. 4. Soakers : super absorbent and what I love about them is they get dried super fast�even after hand wash. And am super happy that my lo reached her milestones with superbottoms � Thank you team @Superbottoms for the wonderful super duper superbottoms �

    thumb Indhu Krishnan

      As a first time CDing mom, I researched a lot and decided to but superbottoms pocket diaper hoping it works and relieved that I may return it if it doesn't work. My money was safe. Turns out I found the superbottoms pocket very encouraging to proceed on my CDI journey. Even the microfiber insert is of the best quality and the double gussets save my day(even nights haha) with my tummy sleeper. Thanks for doing what you do best, team.

    thumb Swetha Dasari

      Have never used superbottoms, though heard a lot about it from so many bloggers and influencers. Going to get my hands on these pretty ones soon.

    thumb Aanchal Mehta Khanna

      Our day starts and ends mostly with superbottoms and here.. We had a early morning beach outing with superbottoms ikkat on, superbottoms poopy and rimzim inside the super bag �� Love grows � The fabric feels so soft and skin friendly that everytime I do laundry and rinse I feel I am doing the BEST for my baby ��

    thumb Brinda Sembaiyan

      Love the awesome prints of Superbottoms��. Proud that i m saving mother earth by avoiding disposables. Thank u superbottoms. Keep up the good work.

    thumb Bharathi Jagan

      I tried Superbottoms cover diaper for my 3mo lil one. It's a hasslefree, hygienic, environment friendly n cost effective option for young kids. Would love to try out all their diaper types n would definitely recommend them to others.

    thumb Nandita Kulkarni

      Superbottoms was our first CD..nd we own a small stash of it.we just love it for the skin friendly nature(CPSIA tested),nd super cute prints..etc., They are our only choice for a bulletproof nite time diapering(medium to heavy wetter here😂) Its cost effective nd eco friendliest.. when we take our baby out ,wearing Superbottoms,we become the centre of attraction,some even approach us and ask what type of diaper it is.. Cloth diaper is spreading its wings..strongly in India.. m happy nd proud to be a Clothdiapering momma,nd to a part of #Superbottoms family.

    thumb Surya Selvaraj

      I love these diapers and totally submerged it these. Best part that I don't even need to use rash cream. First thing which attracted me is that it it made of cloth material which i found very soft. Secondly it comes in so many attractive and cute prints so you are having many options to chose. All three types of Dipers have their own advantages. I like- cover diapers for two reasons:1- they come with two dry feel soakers, 2- they are very helpful in monsoons. The soakers easily holds for 2 - 3 hours for my son. Pocket diapers cause it has pockets and double leak lock. You can removed soakers and use it again. It last 4 hours for me. AIO diapers: the one reason I like it is after three four wash you can use it for whole night in one go. That is the best thing I found. And even in journey if you are carrying these diapers you need not to change so many times. I had done it and trust me I found no rash on my son's bum. Thirdly when you open the package you see the packaging which is of paper with various cartoons print on it and use of ribbons makes it very attractive that you can not stop your self by clicking the picture before opening it. Fourth thing which might be messy is that washing. Yes these are dirty clothes so you need to wash them properly. Last but not the least !!!!! I am totally in love and addicted to it that I cannot stop myself by ordering more......!!!!!!!!

    thumb Madhuri Mishra

      You know you are doing a good thing when you ditch the disposables and use cloth diapers for the good of your baby and the environment and superbottoms helps you by being THE BEST brand and their cloth diapers are amazing and great absorbancy and dapper prints . You wouldn’t have to resort to disposables since these clothes diapers serves the same purpose and are re usable too ! I’m in love with cloth diapers now . Thanks to superbottoms !

    thumb Pramitha Selvendran

      A super cloth diaper which is eco friendly.My baby loves its designs,and also it is skin friendly.And what mom ever wants good for baby and good for environment .happy mommy happy baby 😃

    thumb Sushma Jain K R

      Long pending! Superbottoms was one of the first few brands of advanced cloth diapers i used. Fell in love with them as i started using them....love the prints.....the trimness and most of all loveeeeeee the superbottoms always helpful and ever so friendly team. Love the way they are always there to help u as much as they can with all ur doubts and queries! Also one of the best things i love about superbottoms dipes is that i dnt really have to wait for many washes to use the dipe.....i always put the dipe on my baby after 1st wash and it has always stayed on for more than 3 hrs without leaks!!! Isnt that awesome� ....My love for superbottoms has grown many folds and it keeps growing with every new print and product they realease....keep up the good work u all doing for us mothers and helping us through our diapering days! Much love and appreciation �

    thumb Chetna Chodankar Das

      I heard the CDing experience of my mommy frndz who tried various types of CD's from many brands. I started CDing my 10 months baby & SB is the one brand endrosed by all my frndz. I read about CDing and reviews of SB, ordered a value pack and started using. SB team is so kind to help me in the learning process. SB is value for money, trim and comforts baby, with high absorbency stays through the night, awesome prints with vibrant colours and easily approachable customer service. I recommend SB as a first choice for all new CDing mom's. #WeloveSuperBottoms

    thumb Swathika Dhanabalan

      After months of research on cloth diapers I came across Superbottoms.. ordered a starter pack and there's no turning back for us. Till now we own "only" Superbottoms cds and no other brand such is our love for them. And this love stems from the fact that Superbottoms cds are value for money, have super absorbency so super staying power, amazing fit ,gentle elastics so no red marks, environmental friendly, very cute prints and my baby loves them. And the Superbottoms team is always ready to help.. great customer support ��� way to go guys ���

    thumb Rashmi Chaudhari-Joshi

      Absolutely love it!! Used it for the first time on my 15 month old .. he feels so comfortable in them!!! And they are so easy to wash and use.. much better than normal diapers. These are environmental friendly!! Must buy for all babies!!

    thumb Priyanka Shah

      First of all a big thanks to the superbottoms team.I have been using the disposable diapers for my 7 months old baby and was very difficult to dispose in our homeland.Recently stricken the concepts of reusable cloth diapers and searched alot for a comfortable one.We finally found you through Amazon.Satrted using Supperbottoms already.#no leakage#no wet#very comfortable # beautiful designs#no tension# happy baby# happy me # ���All the very best team Superbottoms.

    thumb Amrutha Rohith

      After months of research in cloth diapering and endless trail and error especially in night diapering my super duper heavy wetter bub, i atlast found my bulletproof night diaper solution in superbottoms plus AIO new version.. No leaks and no disturbed sleep.. Happy mommy and happy baby here��

    thumb Sonia Ravichandran

      Useful products loved it, go for superbottoms today

    thumb Anupama Anand

      I joined the cloth diapering group to get informations on how to use cloth diapers , rather than collecting informations ,to my dismay I reached in a state of dilemma ....i was so against of using disposable diapers and so was using cotton langots which needs to be changed imm after she pees as my baby doesn't like wetness so when she pees she starts crying to be changed and her sleep is disturbed ......I was so upset about the fact that her sleep is getting disturbed....I bought AIO of different brands , but then Since my baby was just 2 month old , imm when I tried it on her , even before I could check how it suited her , she would poop on it, and I had to remove everything and go through the wash process and FINALLY I got into the Super Bottoms page and started reading about all their diapers it's such a user friendly page and has a clear description about all diapers , since my baby is very sensitive to wetness all I cared and wanted was stay dry insert and VOILA I found out that they have covers which needs to be only air dried (phew can get rid of the washing process) and you get 2 (even if one gets dirty I could try the next one )inserts that are stay dry , PERFECT ...and yes I ordered for it ....then I saw that my orders kept showing as cancelled and that's when I got a perfect customer service "I had messaged at around 11 pm about this issue and I got reply at 12pm , can you beat that .....then I received my product , the packaging was so pretty .....the covers are so cute and the inserts are so buttery soft ,I was more than happy to put it on my baby ....my baby is very lean and even then the diapers don't look bulky on her ...then I rem sending the pictures to the concerned person to know if the fit was correct , I was getting the responses so quickly ...Now I am a happy mother , to see my baby comfortably sleeping is such a pleasure .....Thank you Super Bottoms

    thumb Vani Jose

      What caught your first attention is "The Quiry Prints", a baby bum with quirky prints, the cuteness level is on high. My 9 months old son is a heavy wetter, we have recieved Poopy Face AIO for review, it comes with an attached soaker and an additional bamboo soaker which you can insert inside the back pocket. You can obviously customise and choose soaker according to your needs. The AIO's are on the trimmest diaper i have used till date. On my baby during day time with just once prep wash it lasts for 5-6 hours with dampness near the thigh area and with 3 washes it last for 7 hours during night time again with dampness near crotch area. We didn't faced any leaks. I am super impressed with the quality and recommend this to all the momies.

    thumb Sharmistha Guha Chowdhury

      Being a new mom it was my first ever cloth diapering experience and I happened to choose super bottoms for it. I'm so glad I did it.I had ample queries which were answered promptly. The delivery was super quick within 2 days. Just loved the ikat chevron and purple love prints� They look so cute on those small bums� Also the absorbency is fantastic. So all and all its cost effective,easy to use/wash and serves the purpose to help us go green� Thumbs up team SB!

    thumb Shweta Salvi

      It's been long long due.. becoz superbottoms plus is the first cd I ever got for my baby when he was 3 months old even before covers n pockets to get uninterrupted sleep at nap times.. was just browsing Indian manufacturers n found the site.. immediately no second thoughts needless to say about baby talk print I got.. They r adorable n very absorbent as well... I have no idea of cd then.. that was before I joined cloth diapering group.. I dint even know cds can be used whole night.. have to say super bottoms is one of the most loved cd for it's performance n cute prints.. after hesitation I tried for night only when my baby turned 8 months( only that time I joined the group) n it lasted for whole night n I have tried pockets, cover of super bottoms, they r awesome as well.. I would highly recommend to everyone..

    thumb Priya Dharshnee

      Absolutely loved the idea of cloth diapers ! These are so comfortable for the baby and very economical ! Loved the designs also !

    thumb Parvathy Iyer

      A new mother after a interval of 10yrs(my elder daughter 10yrs)..i was struggling old methods of diaperinf, langots,aborbent sheets etc...Came across while surfing instagram #clothdiapering., And i am lucky i got hands directly on SUPERBOTTOMS, rather then struggling and deciding on so many opions available. And not only me my family including my elder one is totally loving it. They are totally #reliable.,#rash free.#hapoy babies. Just a bit of maintainence,and stocking up is required which is worth the benefits

    thumb Richa Pansari

      I came across Superbottoms cloth diapers on Amazon when I was in search of a good CD and started looking for reviews. Reviews were so positive that I could not stop myself trying one for my baby. Then ordered my first Superbottoms Plus AIO's combo pack of 2 (Baby Talk & Poopy Face) and it turned out the best cloth diaper for my baby, so trim, super absorbent and of course cute prints ��. I started CDing my baby when she turned 3 months, wish I could have tried SB earlier :-) I really appreciate Pallavi for the instant whatsapp chat support. Great work Pallavi & Team :-) And at last but not the least, Thank you so much for the excellent product :-)

    thumb Sony S Pradhan

      I started cding my baby when she turned 1 yr. Prior I was using disposables diapers. Every month we bought huge bunch of disposables from Amazon but I was worried as people says wearing disposable diapers all the time is not good for babies. So I switched to cloth diaper. Since last 4 months I started using superbottom plus at night for my dd without any booster and it never fails. I feel glad to say there is no leakage, no stinking and no stain probm at all. The details mentioned on the superbottoms site has helped me a lot to know more about the diapers. I will surely recommend it to other momies who are in doubt to go for cloth diaper. Thank you #superbottoms

    thumb Minakshi Dogra Katoch

      These are the best eco-friendly and baby friendly diaper.

    thumb Ratnakar Patil

      Hi All, Am a CDing mom and got a Superbottoms Plus trim dipe after seeing many comments on a night diapering thread My 8mo son is a heavy wetter and I was greedy for a dipe that lasts me 11-12 hours. My current dipe lasts us 9-10 hours with a hemp insert and was damp when he woke up. Thus, superbottoms was purchased. We simple love it for the following reasons: 1. It s TRIM even before prepping. Lasted us 4hours after first wash after which I removed it without being fully wet. 2. Doesn't leak for 12+ hours with a hemp insert from 4th wash. One can feel the absorbency power when you hand wash the insert. They retainwater after constant squeezing. I let it rest for a few minutes and again wring them to get more water out for quicker drying. They are that absorbent. Being made 100% of natural fibers, I feel I have got my son the best. 3. The elastics are very very soft and snap locations ensure perfect fit. It is almost like a chaddi :D My mother-in-law, who felt our previous (very popular CD) was bulky and kid was being PACKED into it, is happy with superbottoms :) 4. The customizable inserts are useful; prints and colours are superb. The PUL too feels breathable and not like plastic sheets. One won't regret stocking up more of these! 5. 24*7 support over whatsapp that is so useful and a thoughtful process. Kudos to the mums who manage that number :) 6. Cost. It is an Indian brand and slightly costs less compared to the other Indian brands out there. Also, no additional shipping charge :) 7. The washing instructions don't call for special detergents to be used and reassures me when I use my usual surf. So, that is also a saving in the long run :D I am so satisfied with superbottoms and regret not trying them earlier!! Haven't found a con yet :) Suggest every mom to give superbottoms plus AIO a trial before purchasing anything else. Otherwise, anyway try superbottoms and you will end up destashing your current stash :D

    thumb Sarada Aanand

      This is one diaper which does 100percent justice to its name...SUPER on ur baby's BOTTOM...It's super in everyway..From designs to pricing to absorbing...Tried many brands Indian as well as international but nothing worked as great as super bottoms trim Aio...It's simply MAGICAL... Thnk you for such a wonderful and value for money product❤❤ PS:now not just the baby's face gets all the coochie coos and attention but the BUM chick bum as well😜

    thumb Vrinda Ashok

      I got the nb Cover and at first found it to be wide at crotch. But the soft PUL ensures that it can be tucked in to get a good fit! Also wide at crotch gives a good coverage for my lean bub and prevents leakage. The soakers are also quite good and you get 2 of them with 1 cover which becomes very price effective. I totally love their Purple Love print and can't get my eyes off the lovely bum. Waiting for my bub to grow up so I can try their AIO. Also te team is super helpful - Pallavi specially made a video at that very moment when I was struggling to get a good fit. One thing I want is some subtle prints- though Purple love is my absolute fav!

    thumb Surbhi Raghuram

      I was recently vacationing, where I met a new mum like me who was also cloth diapering(I should not reveal the brand name here) her baby boy...both the babies are of exact same age 8mo. But what i saw was that the diaper she had used was not wored properly on the baby. When she saw my boy..he was wearing horn ok plus at that time, she was delighted to the way he was wearing the CD. Then I helped her to make the diaper snugfit according to baby's body. After discussion she told me that she is CD'ing her baby since birth and I told her I am doing it only since 3months but according to her I had more knowledge of CD's as compared. Here is why I am writing review...when a customer gets out of the box after sales service, they are bound to become your clients and influence others also to become one. I gained so much knowledge by the buddy program initiated that I could help one more mum to row in the right direction of CD'ing. I have never seen any company's owner bravely providing her direct contact number to all her customers..I proudly call myself a super happy repeated customer of such an amazing eco-friendly initiative called Superbottoms.

    thumb Pradnya Salve

      One of the best and must buy. I tried various brands when started cloth diapering and found that the "Superbottoms" pocket diaper suits us the best. Excellent quality with reasonable pricing. The latest trim version is very comfortable on my daughter and lasts us for 3-4 hours which is perfect for short outings. The prints are eye-catchy and very lovely with bright colours. I recently bought a superbag too. Its my all time favourite and best wetbag compare to others. The outside material is so soft and its totally leakproof. It very well locks the smell of used diaper kept in. The double zip compartment gives more oom to keep other stuffs of baby. Very spacious. #Superbottoms #FeedbackFriday

    thumb Nilima Jadhav

      A 2 month long search and learning in CDI. Have been CDing since 2 months and have tried many brands so far but it is superbottoms with which I am 100% satisfied. The first thing I liked is the trimness given that my baby is on the leaner side, I just love it for its trimness and fit. I have used them as it is even without any additional soaker, just the stiched one and snap on and it has lasted us for 11+ hrs. It keeps amazing me each and every time I use it. I would expect leaks everytime I use it but it has never stopped proving me wrong. And the prints, wow I just couldn't take my eyes off them. I want to get each and everyone of it and I am sure I will have them all before I end my CDing journey. Love superbottoms.

    thumb Archana Balakrishnan

      As a first time mother, the excitement of seeing my baby in cloth diapers was an amazing feeling. Superbottoms diapers perfectly compliments my little one's smile. He is comfortable and absolutely happy in Superbottoms. I am totally relaxed during the day and especially in the night as he sleeps peacefully in Superbottoms. The new trim diapers are the trimmest and so soft, that they look too cute on my baby's bum. Kudos to Pallavi and her team for making babies comfortable in cloth diapers with beautiful, colorful and trendy prints. #Happybottoms #Superbottoms.

    thumb Jessica Martin

      I have been using Superbottoms since 6months & now kinda settled with their diapers... Covers, Pockets & AIOs. Their trim AIO is my one-stop solution for night time diapering.. Oh what a product! Works straight 8-9hrs on my heavy wetter lo.. Yearning to buy all their coooool Desi prints!! Though I don't use wetbags much, I have stocked upon most of the prints bcoz they are sooo cute! PROS- * Super soft * Cute on the bum * Economy buy * Dries fast * Very trim * Lovely designs CONS- * Will write one when I get one!! � Thanks Pallavi Utagi for such lovely products!

    thumb Divya Sanjeev

      I am a new member of Superbottoms family and got introduced to their super cool diapers when I was searching for a night time diaper for my dd. I wanted to order Superbottoms plus from their portal and reached out to their WhatsApp support for some basic queries. Was happy with their prompt reply and got all my queries answered. I ordered Superbottoms plus diaper and couldn't resist the temptation of ordering a super bag. So went ahead with both and was super excited to receive my order within 3 days. I found their 2 soaker solution convinient since I could use both or just one as per my requirement. Their Soakers are soft and the absorption has been getting better with every wash. Looking forward to adding more Superbottoms to my stash! 😊

    thumb Deepthi Hayavadan

      Superbottoms was my initial purchase and it has secured rank 1 in our favorites over the last year with its flawlessness. The plus cover with its booster and beautiful print is the best in quality among the brands that we've used. No stains, no leakage, no rashes, easy to use, strong buttons, lovely print, no wear and tear and fully environment friendly packing is a super hit by the ever friendly Pallavi!

    thumb Richa Kakkad