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“Hi, so I really liked the diaper and print is awesome. It’s very generously sized and my son is still on small rise setting while he is medium on all other diapers, so I’m guessing this will go a long way
I was under the impression that all covers have double gusset but I guess it was the older version which had it. But nevertheless it fit very well and was quite trim even over flats. Really happy with the purchase.”
Vaishnavi Iyengar via Facebook

“I was in Australia a few years back and saw a friend use cloth diapers. She seemed to be super excited about them. When I had my first baby 4 years back I did not find any cloth diapers here and had to ask a friend to send them from US. Now for my second baby I saw superbottoms and decided to give them a shot and they are great! Especially love the double leak-guard.”

Raji Via Email

 No Rashes!

“So I am one of those mothers who are finicky about everything that touches their baby. It really scares me to imagine anything harmful touching her. So diapers with all the plastic and chemicals was something I used only grudgingly and when absolutely necessary (like our monthly doctor visit). And every single time I used them there used to be redness on her bum. Not a full fledged rash (never kept her in them for that long) but redness. And this after using B4nappy rash cream liberally. But then I learnt about superbottoms and tried it. And there have been no, zero redness! I use them on her all the time now that she is almost 8 months now. Coolest.”

Rashmi Deshpande via Email