I have been hearing about cloth diapering a lot. What is it exactly?

Cloth diapers or Advanced Cloth Diapers are new age diapers which provide all the benefits of disposable diapers in the goodness of cloth. Cloth diapers keep baby’s bum dry, absorb for 3-4 hours atleast, and are completely leak proof. They are also 100% washable and reusable. Yes, they can be machine washed. Each diaper has sizing options so the same diaper can fit a baby from the day it is born till it is potty trained. Thus, it turns out to be extremely economical too! You can read more about this brilliant option in our guide to cloth diapering for beginner’s here. Join our Superbottoms Family Facebook group here for some super cloth diapering fun!

What is the difference between Superbottoms Pocket Diapers, Superbottoms Cover Diapers, and Superbottoms Plus diaper?

pocket-coverPOCKET DIAPER – Superbottoms pocket diapers have the dry-feel layer attached on the inside of the cover creating a pocket to put the absorbent soaker in. When a diaper has been used for 3-4 hours, the entire pocket and outer needs to be put to wash.

COVER DIAPER – Superbottoms cover diaper on the other hand DOES NOT have the pocket attached, instead has the dry-feel layer on the soaker itself. Like a Sanitary Napkin, one can remove a pad when completely soaked and replace with a fresh one. The diaper cover can be reused after replacing the soaker if the cover is not soiled.

Cover diapers thus turn out to be a little more economical compared to pocket diapers. They can also be used along with Nappy Pads while travelling.

Pocket diapers fit snug and are overall dry feeling from inside, hence are better for night-time diapering or for babies on the move. We also recommend parents new to cloth diapering to begin with pocket diapers since they are the most popular and convenient type of cloth diapers.

Superbottoms Plus All-in-one diaper: This is our heavy absorbency / night-time cloth diapering solution. With 8 layers of super thirsty organic bamboo cotton, this diaper is perfect if you wish to go for 7-8 hours of absorbency in a go!

To check out different types, watch this video