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About Us


Mission: Spread smiles, Babies’. Mothers’. Earth’s.

The Brand: Superbottoms, started by two new parents who got a little too fascinated by the entire potty management aspect of raising their new baby.

Initially, they kept struggling with the langots and disposable diapers and diaper rash creams until one day they finally found the ultimate and the perfect solution.

They were so enthused by the Cloth Diapers that they could not stop raving about them. Slowly many of their friends began to avoid them for their irritating enthusiasm pertaining to their son’s potty and the cloth diapers.

But Pallavi and Salil were far from being discouraged and in fact went a step further to launch a brand of advanced cloth diapers in India.

Thus was born Superbottoms.


Superbottoms Diapers: We at Superbottoms have designed cloth diapers after a lot of experimentation with various designs and cloths.

As parents, we have very carefully chosen the features that went into making these diapers.

Right from the double leak guards on each diaper, to the best suede lining, to the idea of using square tabs. Each small feature, we believe, can go a long way in making you and your baby’s experience with cloth diapering a pleasure.

Superbottoms Promise: We understand that though we have extensively experimented and researched before designing our product, there is always room for improvement and the best ideas come from the customers.

So, we assure you that any feedback shared by you will be enthusiastically worked upon by our team to improve Superbottoms.

Being parents, we know that no query is too small or unimportant when it is about your precious little one. So if you have any doubt, please feel free to reach us any time and we promise to get back to you with answers as soon as possible.
The Team: Apart from Pallavi and Salil, the team comprises of Dr Neeta who is our design consultant and Dr Milind who is a pediatrician and patiently addresses all our questions about potty management.

And Pallavi and Salil’s baby who is Superbottoms’ first and also the most critical customer.

For any doubts about cloth diapers and cloth diapering you can drop us your questi